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A single garden of roses, thickly wrought
red roses hoarding sun in the silence
of a low blind street end-on to a warehouse wall,
scheduled for clearance.
                                    Blistering paint,
broken panes, the other small plots abandoned
to weeds, dropped tiles, gaped blank to what
had determined this ummaculate aftermath.

Red blooms. Soft-burning still in vivid answer.

Andrew Waterman's first collection of poetry, Living Room in 1974, was a Poetry Book Society Choice. Subsequent volumes have included two Poetry Book Society Recommendations. His work has been published in a huge range of magazines within and beyond the British Isles, and in many anthologies, and broadcast on radio and television. He has edited The Poetry of Chess (Anvil Press), and has written much critical prose, on specific authors and more general topics. He was short-listed for the Paul Hamlyn Award to Artists in 1997, the only year they were offered to poets, and is a recipient of the Cholmondeley Award for Poets.

Of Andrew Waterman's Collected Poems (Carcanet), which gathers within one volume his work of seven previous books, Marita Over wrote in Ambit: 'The "story" that emerges through these poems is moving and inspiring and the craftsmanship in its telling is superb.'

Of Waterman's most recent collection, The Captain's Swallow (Carcanet), the Guardian said:

Andrew Waterman's latest volume is set among the coves and furrowed headlands of Sicily's spectacular Aeolian archipelago. Fishing boats and patron saints form just one aspect of a picture that also includes provincial elections, Juventus matches, mopeds and mobiles - and the poetry is the richer for it. There is a continuity here that seduces both poet and reader.

This site is for visitors to explore and anjoy. Andrew believes in what Philip Larkin, filching the notion from Wordsworth, called 'the pleasure principle': if one can't get a reader wanting to keep turning the pages, the more exalted or deeper things which are poetry's concerns won't reach him or her. To read selections from Andrew Waterman's books, click on Poems. Click Prose for pieces by him on creative whys and hows. Ongoing offers a sample of recent poems published in magazines but not yet collected. Life/Books details Waterman's career and publications, with a few crititcs' comments following book-titles. The Featured tab opens items, changed at intervals, either of Andrew Waterman's poetry or prose or of news and information. Links takes you to websites and web pages of use or interest in connection with Andrew's life and writings.


Quill pen Andrew Waterman was born in London in 1940. After six years of miscellaneous jobs (including bank clerk, kitchen porter and bookshop assistant) he read English at the University of Leicester, was a postgraduate student at Oxford (Worcester College) and thereafter taught literature at the University of Ulster from 1968 to 1997. He now lives in Norwich. He has one son, Rory.

As well as from bookshops or online from Amazon, you can buy Andrew Waterman's books now online direct from Carcanet Press: click here to go straight to Waterman's books page on the Carcanet website.

Andrew Waterman's archive - drafts and typescripts, of unpublished and abandoned as well as published poetry and prose, literary correspondence, personal documents and papers etc. - was acquired by the David Wilson Library of the University of Leicester in 2009, where it is available for consultation. To link to the University of Leicester Library's 'Andrew Waterman Collection' web-page, which details the contents of the archive and the conditions of access click here.

Interview. To read 'Sparking Off: an Extended Interview with Andrew Waterman' by Rory Waterman, published online in the Summer 2010 issue of Able Muse, click here.

If you'd like to comment on anything, ask questions, chat about things, or involve Andrew Waterman in any literary activity, please use the email address at the foot of the page.


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